Saturday, September 14, 2019


Mount Saint Helens, United States
Welcome to the new paradigm.

We are going to plant a trillion trees together.

It's not me saying this, it's everyone saying this.  It's not just scientists saying this, is many scientists saying this.

And it's not just scientists saying "If you want to save the planet plant a trillion trees."

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It may sound bizarre, strange, wacky - but hang on to your seat belts - I've been filming people under deep hypnosis talking about the afterlife for over a decade. I've filmed over 50 cases, and compared their answers to the 2000 from Dr. Helen Wambach and the 7000 from Michael Newton.  They don't just say the same things - they say the same things consistently and the results are reproducible. 

But beyond that detail that life goes on, that people don't die, etc, etc ... big news to be sure, but there's other news:

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They want to help us solve the climate crisis.  

I've reached out to scientists no longer on the planet - they've told me "water filtration systems" (which I'll post at a later date) they've talked about getting rid of plastics that aren't biodegradable entirely, they've talked about the science needed to change our paradigm.
Image result for pictures of trees But I've also spoken to trees about these topics.

The first tree I spoke to was during a live demonstration, on stage at an event at where a member of the audience stood with me and recounted her near death event.  She was not under hypnosis, and I was not hypnotizing her.  We were just chatting aloud for an audience of over 100 about what she saw during that near death event.

At some point she said she was in a "forest."  I asked if she could go closer to the trees in the forest and touch them.  She said she could.  I had a similar experience in Muir woods, touching a giant redwood tree and "feeling something inside."

So in this case, I asked if she could "place her hand or arm inside the tree."  The logic being if she's creating an energetic tree - she's able to step into it, or move her arm through it.  She did. She said suddenly "I'm sensing a presence."
Image result for pictures of trees I've filmed about a dozen of these conversations with "trees."  The wild thing is they say the same things over and over.  "We used to be able to communicate with humans, but they no longer listen.  We cannot speak with you anymore when we used to."  

But further, I started asking them for advice - how do we save the planet?  And a tree said "Plant a trillion trees."  
Image result for pictures of trees I had never heard that before - and since then have found many people saying the same things.  Plant a trillion trees.  People estimate there are three trillion trees on the planet now - to plant a trillion more would help balance the oxygen levels, the carbon levels, the heat that's been trapped by carbon.  While the trees soak up that carbon, they release oxygen - and balance is returned.

I know there are people who say "Well, you can't just plant the trees, that's not enough."

Image result for pictures of trees You know what? It's a start.

And I heard it from a frickin' tree.  So there.

Take the trees advice.  He said 


Get to work!

Friday, September 13, 2019


It's not hard to do.

New Zealand announced recently it was going to plant a billion trees. 

One Billion Trees Programme

The New Zealand government has set a goal to plant a billion trees by 2028, and we need your help to achieve it.

About the One Billion Trees Programme

Find out why the goal has been set to plant one billion trees by 2028 and how we will achieve it.

Funding to help plant one billion trees

There are different funding options for landowners, organisations, and communities who want to plant trees or revert land to native forest. There are also partnership funding options for groups or organisations with workforce development programmes or projects that improve the way we plant or grow trees.

Direct Grants for tree planting

Apply for a grant from the One Billion Trees Fund to help with the costs of tree planting or retiring your land to native forest on your farmland, private land, or Māori land.

Partnership Funding

Access One Billion Trees Partnership Funding from Te Uru Rākau (Forestry New Zealand) for projects and initiatives that support tree planting and help improve the way we grow and plant trees.

Matariki Tu Rākau Defence Force memorial tree-planting

Access One Billion Trees funding for your community to plant living memorials to commemorate the service men and women of the New Zealand Defence forces, past and present.

A group of people planting seedling trees among some larger established cabbage treets.
Matariki Te Rākau memorial tree planting at Puhinui Reserve, Wiri, New Zealand

They also designed a way to track this.

Tree planting tracker

Te Uru Rākau collects data throughout the year on the sale and distribution of exotic and native tree seedlings. We'll use this data to estimate the number of trees being planted and update this tracker regularly.
For the purpose of our tree count, we're defining a tree as a woody perennial plant species that can grow to a height of at least 5 metres.
What we class as a tree [XLSX, 61 KB]
Check back regularly to see how we're tracking to the goal of planting one billion trees by 2028.
As at 9 September 2019, an estimated 148,963,000 trees have been planted since One Billion Trees was announced. The government has directly funded 24,681,000

So let's challenge the planet to PLANT A TRILLION TREES.

There are 195 countries.  If each one agrees to plant a billion trees - we'll have one fifth of those needed.  If they each agree to do that five times, we'll have a billion trees.

If 100 countries agree to plant a billion trees - they need to only do that TEN TIMES.

Why do we need to plant a trillion trees?

I was filming a session with a person who was not under hypnosis.  She was seeing in her mind's eye a vast forest. I asked if she could physically go up and hug a tree. 

She said she could.

I asked if she could put her around the tree, and then if she could put her "arm through the tree" - after all, they're etheric, in her mind... and she said she could.  

I asked what she could sense or feel from doing that.

She said "I'm sensing a presence."  (I've done this before with a number of people and it's not the first time they've said the same.  But in this instance, I asked some questions I had not asked before.)

I asked if that presence had anything to say to her (or me).  The "presence within the tree" said "Human beings used to be able to communicate with us, but they cannot anymore."  

When asked "Why?" the "tree" responded; "Because they don't listen."

When asked "Is there anything we can tell humans to do to help our planet?" The "tree" responded "Plant a trillion trees."

When asked "Why?" the "tree" said "Because if you plant a trillion trees, they'll take the carbon out of the atmosphere, and replace it with oxygen which will cool down the planet and restore balance."

This wasn't coming from the woman who was doing the session with me - it's not something she'd ever heard before.  It's possible it was coming from her subconscious, but what does it matter? It was accurate, and logical.

There are currently estimated 3 trillion trees on the planet.  If we plant a trillion more, it will offset the pollution, methane, carbon in the atmosphere.  Don't take my word for it - take the trees word for it.

The Amazon may be on fire, and the forests of Africa may be stripped for oil or growing beef - but if 100 countries agree to plant a billion trees - ten times - we will reach that goal.

I've put up this page to allow others to track their own country's ability to do so.  In the future I will post links to the right of the page so people can donate or track this kind of work.  I have no desire to raise money, move money, or suggest anyone pay anything to anyone.  However - it's something simple each one of us can do.  With 7 billion people on the planet - if all of us plant ten trees - we'll have 70 billion new trees.  If all of us plant 100 trees, we'll have 700 billion new trees.  If some of us, who have the means and skill to plant a thousand trees, or 100,000 or a million - or in the case of New Zealand a billion - now you know why it's a good reason to pursue this.

Anyone can plant a tree.

Trees mirror our lungs. They soak up carbon and release oxygen.  If we want to save the planet, plant a tree... not just one, but as many as you can imagine. My two cents.


Hello. Welcome to the new paradigm. We are going to plant a trillion trees together. It's not me saying this, it's everyone s...